Some Challenging Ideas For Astute Women Shoes Methods

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COLUMBUS A shared love for shopping led a mother-daughter duo to open a local clothing store. Kylie Sedlacek, who owns Salon.cek Hair & Spa, and her mom, Diana Olsufka, are co-owners of the new Cellar Door Clothing Boutique. The store opened in October in the basement of the salon at 2411 13th St. About a year ago, the two tossed around the idea of starting a boutique. There was nothing like that here, plus I like to shop, Olsufka said. An added benefit came from the existing salon clientele and hairstylists who work there.It seemed like a good fit. What better thing to go along with hair than boutique shopping? Brides are getting their hair done on a Saturday morning, they can get done and shop, said Olsufka, who is also a stylist at the salon. Sedlacek was hesitant about the business plan at first. She was already running her own salon, pregnant and remodeling her loft on the upper floor of the building. But in September, they started ripping up the carpet in the downstairs room formerly used for storage.

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