Some Basic Guidance On Picking Out Issues Of Sleepwear

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He fled from outside Aintree University Hospital as he was getting into a car with prison officers. Merseyside Police said two men, believed to be armed with a gun and a knife, assisted in the escape. Officers said the men threatened the guards and demanded they release Walmsley, before making off in a gold-coloured Volvo. Faces covered Walmsley, previously of Wallace Street, Walton, is described as white, 6ft and of slim build with dark brown hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing dark bottoms and a dark jacket. The gunman is described as having his face covered. He was wearing white shoes, grey tracksuit bottoms with a stripe down each side, a grey hoody and a dark coat. Image copyright Police handout Image caption Anthony Duffy was found stabbed in Melling Avenue , Aintree The second man, who was believed to be armed with a knife, also had his face covered. He was wearing a green coat, dark Nike trainers and grey tracksuit bottoms.

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