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The mayor of Samarra, Mahmoud Khalaf, said security forces had regained control, killing at least six assailants, but declined to comment on the number of casualties on the government side. The pro-Islamic State news agency Amaq said the militants had executed some policemen. The upsurge in violence comes as U.S-backed Iraqi forces try to drive Islamic State from the northern city of Mosul, where the militants are putting up fierce resistance. Islamic State has lost most of the territory it seized in a blitz across northern and western Iraq in 2014 and ceding Mosul would probably spell the end of its self-styled caliphate. But it would still be capable of waging a guerrilla-style insurgency in Iraq and plotting or inspiring attacks on the West. "The terrorists will attempt to attack civilians in order to make up for their losses, but we assure the Iraqi people and the world that we are able to end terrorism and shorten its life," Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said after talks with visiting French President Francois Hollande. REVENGE Islamic State said Monday's attacks in Baghdad were revenge for "the repeated targeting of health institutions in Nineveh province" by the U.S.-led coalition backing Iraqi forces. That was an apparent reference to two air strikes last month on hospitals in eastern Mosul, one where Iraqi forces were under attack and another which the U.S. military said had targeted militants sitting in a van. At least one of the strikes may have caused civilian casualties.

NPR's Chris Arnold tells our Newscast unit: "Holiday sales were at the low end of what they had forecast and that disappointed investors. All of this is in part due to the pressure that online shopping is putting on brick and mortar retailers." Macy's announced that sales at established stores fell 2.1 percent in November and December compared to the same period in 2015. The retailer had announced in August that it would close 100 stores. On Wednesday, the locations of the stores were made public. The Associated Press reports: Of the 68, three were closed by the middle of 2016, 63 will close in the spring and two will be closed by the middle of 2017. Some employees may be offered positions at nearby stores, but Macy's estimates that 3,900 employees will be affected by the closures. Macy's also said it plans to restructure parts of its business and sell some properties. This will lead to the reduction of 6,200 jobs. The moves are estimated to save $550 million annually. In a statement, Macy's President Jeff Gennette said, "The company is closing stores that are unproductive or are no longer robust shopping destinations." Macy's announced a year ago that about 4,500 jobs would be lost during a major restructuring. "Revitalizing the business will not be easy," Neil Saunders, chief executive at retail consultancy Conlumino, told Reuters.

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