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And another: “N.Y.U. Don’t block off the … ” The signs overlap. The light? The street? The park? All of the above. Jacobs was protesting New York University’s plans to build a library onthe south side of Washington Square, a great red hulk that she andfellow-protesters feared would turn the public park into an academicgreen and loom over low-rise row houses. “All the glamour of PhilipJohnson [the project’s architect] won’t save that corner of the parkfrom gloom,” she said. “The two elements most destructive of urban parksare highways and educational institutions.” She’d already stopped Robert Moses ’s proposed throughway a decade before; now she was trying to takecare of the second element. Peering at a blotchy black-and-white image of this historic event, Inoticed something distinctive about the hem of Jacobs’s dress: alighter-colored scallop wending its way around the bottom, like thebrick border on a garden plot. The Jane Jacobs look was simple to thepoint of caricature: blunt bob with bangs, thick black eyeglass frames,beads.

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