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Malaysian police arrested a Vietnamese woman, Doan Thi Huong, and an Indonesian, Siti Aishah, in the days after the attack. Police are also holding one North Korean man and have identified seven other North Koreans wanted in connection with a case that reads like the plot to a spy movie. Both women will be formally charged on Wednesday under section 302 of the penal code, which carries the death penalty, Malaysia's attorney general, Mohamed Apandi Ali, confirmed to Reuters in a text message. DEADLY NERVE AGENT VX is one of the deadliest chemical weapons ever created, far more potent than Sarin, the gas used in deadly chemical attacks in Syria in 2013 and in an attack on the Tokyo subway by a Japanese doomsday cult in 1995. "Just a few grams of VX is sufficient for mass killing," Yun said. "North Korea is reported to have not just grams but thousands of tonnes of chemical weapons, including VX, all over the country ... The recent assassination is a wake-up call to all of us to North Korea's chemical weapons capability and its intent to actually use them." North Korea has previously denied possessing chemical weapons. States could invoke the Chemical Weapons Convention as the use of such agents was in "flagrant violation of international law", Yun said. Malaysia is part of the 1993 pact prohibiting their production, transfer and use, but North Korea is not. Once the Malaysian government releases the results of its investigation, the U.N. Security Council and state parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention should take up the case as a "high priority agenda", Yun said.

First, e-commerce accounted for just 12% of total global footwear sales in 2015, whereas e-commerce penetration for apparel overall is 19%, according to Fung Global and Euromonitor. A รองเท้า แฟชั่น 41 major reason for this lower e-commerce share is due to the inconvenience of having to return footwear due to poor fit (see data below). The result is that 60% of women and 69% of men either never shop for footwear online or shop online less than in store. More than other categories, US consumers may browse for footwear online, but still make the majority of purchases in store because it is more convenient to try on a shoe and make sure it fits when you purchase it. Additionally, search traffic for DSW over the past five years has actually risen relative to Zappos. The data below from Google Analytics clearly shows Zappos interest declining since 2012, to a point where there is greater search engine interest in DSW than in Zappos. Lastly, DSW's social media presence on Facebook is more extensive than Zappos and other footwear retailers like Famous Footwear or footwear brands like Steve Madden or Cole Haan (see table below). Bear case, point #2: DSW has been slow to build its online presence and omnichannel capabilities The second bear argument is fair - DSW has been slow to build a strong e-commerce capability. DSW only rolled out buy-online-pickup-in-store capabilities in 2015. However, the data above would argue this is not an absolutely critical capability in footwear retail, plus DSW is faring well versus online rival Zappos in search traffic and social awareness nonetheless. Also, DSW made a major investment in 2016 to expand its ecommerce capabilities with its $60M acquisition of Ebuys.

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